A Saskatchewan Milk Bank Community Initiative

Breast Milk Angel

Support, Community, Education, and Resources for Saskatchewan mothers and their babies.

About the Breast Milk Angel Project

  • Our Goal

    The goal of Breast Milk Angel is to enable mothers of babies in need of breast milk to communicate with one another and with other moms in their community. This allows for the development of a supportive, caring community and the ability for mothers to assist one another on their journeys.

  • Who We Are

    Breast Milk Angel is the Saskatchewan Milk Bank’s community support group and education initiative, started by Eileen Chen and made possible by the support of our community.

  • What We Do

    The project is designed to support and educate mothers who wish to share their breast milk with others in their community directly.
    We know the best and safest method of providing breast milk to the babies who need it is by accessing it through HMBANA accredited milk banks and will always advocate this, but we also know that some will still choose to share their milk directly. We want to make sure it is done safely and provide as much education and support as possible.


Do not use unregulated breast milk without first consulting your doctor.

Anyone interested in sharing milk should take a blood test and share the results with whomever they are sharing their milk before any milk changes hands.

You should NEVER use breast milk from someone who has or may have any infectious diseases, such as HIV or hepatitis.

Breast Milk Angel does not collect, store, process, transact, or handle any breast milk.